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Code on Access to Information

The Government exists to serve the community well within available resources. To this end, it recognises the need for the community to be well informed about the Government, the services it provides and the basis for policies and decisions that affect individuals and the community as a whole.

The Code on Access to Information (the Code) defines the scope of information that will be provided, sets out how the information will be made available either routinely or in response to a request, and lays down procedures governing its prompt release.

The Code authorises and requires civil servants, routinely or on request, to provide information unless there are specific reasons for not doing so. These reasons are set out in Part 2 and will normally be referred to if a request for information is refused.

Requests for information will be handled as promptly and helpfully as possible and if necessary, members of the public may be approached to clarify their requests or the requests may be directed to the most appropriate department. Procedures will be kept as simple as possible.

The Code also sets out procedures for review or complaint if a member of the public considers that the provisions of the Code have not been properly applied.

The Code can be accessed at

general enquiryGeneral Enquiries/Complaints
Email :
Hotline : 2723 8787
Fax : 2311 0066

Licensing and Certification
Tel : 2733 7619
Fax : 2367 3631
Dangerous Goods
Tel : 2417 5757
Fax : 2413 0873

Fire Safety
Tel : 2170 9502
Fax : 2312 0376

Community Relation & Fire Safety Publicity
Tel : 2170 9630
Fax : 2391 3619
Tel : 2272 9197
Fax : 2724 1847
Special enquiry Relevant sections in Fire Services Department
(Click for service provided by the respective sections)

Access to Information
Access to Information

Access to Information Officer

Tel. No. : (852) 2733 7818 ( during office hours)
Fax No. :

(852) 2739 5879 ( during office hours)

e-mail    :

Address :

Management Group,
9/F, Fire Services HQ Building,
1 Hong Chong Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon

Information Available to the Public
(Free of Charge)

Recruitment information for Station Officer (Operational),
Ambulance Officer,
Fireman / Firewoman (Operational/Marine/Workshops),
Senior Fireman/ Firewoman (Control),
Ambulanceman/ Ambulancewoman
(The above information is also available on this website under the Heading of Recruitment)

Advisory letter in respect of fire safety in cubical unit / composite building / domestic
Statistics on Fire, Special Service and Ambulance Calls
Year End Review

Information Available to the Public
(at Cost)
Incident Report (FS 276)
Ambulance Journey Record
(per photocopy)
Candidate's Preliminary Eyesight Test (for the posts of Station Officer (Operational) and Fireman/Firewoman (Operational/Marine)), Physical Fitness Test and Job-related Performance Test Result in Recruitment Exercise
(per photocopy)
Candidate's Selection Interview Result
(per photocopy)
Candidate's Aptitude Test Result
(per photocopy)
Candidate's Preliminary Interview and Final Interview (Part I and Part II) Result (for Station Officer (Operation) and Ambulance Officer posts)
(per photocopy)
Personal Data Access Request Form
Other information to be included in the FSD Homepage -
Ordinance and Regulations
Fire Services Ordinance, Chapter 95, Laws of Hong Kong and its sub-leg Regulations
Dangerous Goods Ordinance, Chapter 295, Laws of Hong Kong and its sub-leg Regulations
Timber Stores Ordinance, Chapter 464, Laws of Hong Kong and it sub-leg Regulations
Fire Safety (Commercial Premises) Ordinance, Chapter 502, Laws of Hong Kong
Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance, Chapter 572, Laws of Hong Kong
Karaoke Establishments Ordinance, Chapter 573, Laws of Hong Kong

Other information to be included in the FSD Homepage -
Fire Protection and Safety

Guidance Notes on the Labeling of Chemical Products (including some Household Products) containing Dangerous Goodspdf

Code of Practice for Interim Measures for Conveyance of Categories 3 & 4 Dangerous Goods by Vehiclespdf 

Guidance Notes for Using Containers or Cargo Vehicles to Convey or Stow Vehicle Parts Containing or Stained with Fuelpdf

Other information to be included in the FSD Homepage -
Working Schedules and Activities of FSD Volunteering Team

Photocopying Black & White on A4 size paper - HK$1.20 per copy for any photocopy in the same document.
The above charge is subject to revision from time to time.
In this context, a document usually means a booklet, a report, or an enclosure in a file.

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