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Licensing and Certification


The Licensing and Certification Command enforces fire safety regulations and policies, as well as assists and advises the public on fire protection matters. The main work areas are as follows :-


a) Licensing of dangerous goods matters and operation of timber stores
The licensing of manufacture, storage and conveyance of dangerous goods other than explosives and LPG; and the licensing of timber stores are the responsibilities of the Dangerous Goods Division. The Division is also responsible for the licensing of vehicles for conveyance of dangerous goods (Categories 2 and 5 only) as well as conducting complaint investigations relating to dangerous goods and timber stores.

b) Registration of FSI contractors
Registration of FSI contractors (FSIC) is the responsibility of the Administration Group. For contractors registered by FSD for conducting installation and maintenance of FSI and equipment, the name of FSIC will be gazetted and included into the list of FSIC.

Inspection of fire service installations in existing buildings and monitoring the maintenance of fire service installations performed by registered FSI contractors
The Fire Service Installation Task Force is responsible for inspecting fire service installations in existing buildings, handling complaints regarding building fire service installations, monitoring the professional standards of registered fire service installation contractors and taking law enforcement action where necessary.

Certification of fire safety provisions including FSI and ventilating systems in licensed/ registered premises
Regional Offices
The Regional Offices give advice to other Government authorities on fire safety measures relating to the licensing of various types of premises and the issuance of Fire Services Certificates to food premises, places of public entertainment, converted schools and child care centres

Ventilation Division
The Ventilation Division provides support to respective licensing agencies regarding the fire safety of ventilating systems in establishments such as restaurants, food premises, places of public entertainment, hotels, guesthouses and clubs as well as technical advice on electrical installations at dangerous goods stores. In addition, the Ventilation Division also conducts verification inspection to the maintenance of ventilating system of general buildings and licensed premises

Acceptance inspection for certification of Fire Service Installations (FSI) for new buildings
Based on the requirements formulated by the New Projects Division of Fire Safety Command, the Fire Service Installation Division carries out acceptance inspections to ensure the FSIs and equipment are up to standards and in efficient working order.

Please refer to the Flow Chart for Fire Service Installation Acceptance Inspection and Issuance of Certificate.PDF

Performance Target

FSD's performance targets for licence processing of the following:

(a) General Restaurant / Light Refreshment Restaurant
(b) Bakery / Food Factory
(c) Factory Canteen / Karaoke Permit / Dacing Establishment
(d) Place of Public Entertainment (Cinema / Theatre)
(e) Place of Public Entertainment (Non-cinema / Theatre) / Billard / Bowling Centre / Public Skating Rink / Message Establishment / Child Care Centre
(f) Non-designed School
(g) Dangerous Goods Licence / Timber Store Licence
(h) Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence
(i) Funeral Parlour (for ventilating system processing only)
(j) Amusement Games Centre (for ventilating system processing only)
(k) Hotel / Guesthouse / Club (for ventilating system processing only)
(l) Residental Care Home for the Elderly (for ventilating system processing only)
(m) Miscellaneous (Swimming Pool, Siu Mei & Lo Mei Shop, Fresh Provision, Frozen Confection Factory, Milk Factory, Bath House, etc.)(for ventilating system processing only)
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