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To enhance the public’s knowledge of fire safety and ambulance aid, the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) has launched the "Hong Kong Fire Services Department Mobile Application” (FSD App).  Members of the public can download the FSD App on a smartphone or tablet and access the latest information on the FSD (such as news and events, vacancy and the nearest fire station or ambulance depot, etc.) anytime and anywhere.  They can also learn more about fire prevention and ambulance aid through the built-in games.

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Hong Kong Fire Services Department Mobile Application, developed by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD), aims to actively promotes fire safety information and ambulance service of HKFSD.


Live safe, be watchful

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department releases this simulation game, players have to solve the potential hazards in the building for avoiding dangers; building in Hong Kong style makes the game friendly and closes to daily life.


Stay Calm & Collected

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department release this collection of simulation mini-games, the games do not only test the reaction of players but also test the handling skill in daily-life dangerous situation.


Catch time, save life

Exquisitely designed by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, this game enables players to perform the duties of a Console Operator, learn about the functions of the Mobilizing and Communications Group and know the tips when making emergency calls.



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