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Live safe, be watchful


iOS Version
Applicable for
iOS 4.3 or above

Android Version
Applicable for
Android 2.3 or above


The Hong Kong Fire Services Department releases this simulation game, players have to solve the potential hazards in the building for avoiding dangers; building in Hong Kong style makes the game friendly and closes to daily life. Beside potential hazards, this game shows a lot of improper behaviour which you may conduct in daily life, e.g. keeping the smoke door open, blocking means of escape, locking the roof door; falling into a dangerous situation is not the only consequence of conducting these improper behaviour, you may even be legally liable. Play this game to learn living safely, solve the potential hazards and do the quiz to gain Safety Points to build more floors.

* Quiz - test you safety knowledge
* Logbook - revise the safety knowledge
* Share the safety knowledge on Facebook with friends
* Ranking - challenge your friends and other players on the world



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