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Fire Safety in Buildings

To ensure that the means of escape is free from obstruction, no person shall leave any matter or thing in public areas.  If the means of escape is found to be obstructed, the property management agency, owners' corporation or relevant management department should immediately inform the Fire Services Department so that appropriate action can be taken.
  Do not use the lift if there is a fire in the building.  Remember that the staircase is the important means of escape in case of fire.

Smoke is lethal.  Protect yourself from smoke.  Remember, most people die from smoke, not fire.
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  What to do in case of fire

- Keep calm.
- Tell everyone in your unit to leave.
- Close all doors after you left your unit.
- Activate the fire alarm on your floor and yell “Fire”.
- Leave the building using the nearest stairway
- Don't try to get all valuables.
- Call the Fire Services Department by dialling "999"
  when you are safe.
- Meet the firefighters at a safe place and tell them
  the situation.


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