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Headquarters Organization ChartMobilizing & Communication  Group Recruitment, Training & Examination Group Fire Services Training School Planning Group Management Group Physical Tranning Information Unit Information Technology Management Unit Procurement & Logistics Workshop & Transport Welfare Section

[Fire and Ambulance Services Academy][Mobilizing & Communications Group][Recruitment, Training & Examination Group] [Planning Group][Management Group][Information Technology Management Unit]
[Procurement and Logistics Group][Information Unit][Workshop & Transport][Welfare Section][Physical Training]

Fire Services Headquarters Command

Assistant Director (Headquarters)
Tel: 2733 7733
  • formulation and review of departmental policies, priorities and procedures
  • legislative drafting instructions
  • staff planning, management, training, recruitment
  • public complaints, publicity and public relations
  • liaison with other services
  • control of communications and Mobilizing systems
  • resources allocations and estimates

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Administration and Logistic Support
The Fire Services Headquarters Command offers policy, planning, management and logistic support to the operational Commands. It also oversees the operation of the Fire Services Communications Centre, the Fire Services Training School, recruitment and examination, workshops and transport, procurement and logistics, physical training, staff welfare and statistics.
The Administration Division, staffed by civilians, deals with departmental establishment, personnel, finance, appointments, general matters, staff relations, audit and translation service.

Mobilizing and Communications
The Fire Services Communications Centre, manned round the clock, is responsible for mobilizing all fire-fighting and ambulance resources and to receive complaints including those about fire hazards and dangerous goods. It also acts as an emergency co-ordinator for government departments and public utilities in major incidents. The centre has adopted a sophisticated telecommunication and computer integrated mobilizing system which makes use of the latest geographical information and global positioning system technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of call-taking and resource dispatching.

The department has two major training schools. The Fire Services Training School provides initial training for all fire recruits (except senior firemen and firewomen in the 'Control' stream).

The Ambulance Command Training School offers initial, refresher and advanced training to all ambulance personnel. The various training courses range from three to 26 weeks.

Recruits who have successfully completed the courses will be posted to fire stations or ambulance depots to continue their on-the-job training and to gain field experiences.

Both schools also provide training for staff of other government departments, private organisations, and for overseas fire and ambulance officers.

In addition to a number of officers being sent overseas for training every year in order to keep them abreast of modern fire-fighting technology and management skills, four officers also attended the training course on China Studies in Tsinghua University of Beijing.

Service members are required to undergo an annual physical fitness assessment to sustain their good physical condition.

The Workshops Division is responsible for all engineering matters relating to fire fighting and rescue equipment. These include design, procurement, inspection and maintenance, fitting out, modification, testing and commissioning. There are four workshops in the territory staffed by technically qualified firemen who work under a team of professionals headed by a senior engineer.

The workshops carry out servicing and repairs to fire appliances, hoses, fire fighting and rescue equipment.

There are 80 fire stations, 37 ambulance depots and six fireboat fire stations operating throughout the territory. They are strategically located to provide an emergency response to all areas within target response times.

To keep pace with Hong Kong's continuous development, especially in new towns, the department is planning more fire stations, ambulance depots and fireboat fire stations to provide adequate fire protection and ambulance coverage to these areas.










Mobilizing and Communications Group

Senior Divisional Officer
Tel: 2733 7828
  • efficient operation of Fire Services Communications Centre
  • preparation and amendment to departmental orders in relation to mobilizing and communications
  • compilation of operational statistics
  • exploring advanced mobilizing and communications equipment









Recruitment, Training & Examination Group

Senior Divisional Officer
Tel: 2411 8601
  • Station Officer/Ambulance Officer Preliminary Interview Board
  • recruitment of uniformed staff
  • advanced training & Senior Officer Command Course
  • training syllabus
  • organisation of service examinations









Fire and Ambulance Services Academy

Tel: 2733 7734
  • overall administration of the Academy
  • development & implementation of the Service quality assurance mechanism
  • development & implementation of the training accreditation mechanism for the knowledge and skills tailor-made for the fire services
  • formulate and monitor departmental training policies and strategies
  • monitor the physical fitness standard of Service members
  • paramedic development
  • fire-fighting training for other organisations/departments









Planning Group

Senior Divisional Officer
Tel: 2733 7878
  • matters relating to the planned development
  • research & experimental work
  • evaluating territory-wide development plans
  • liaison with consultants & government departments








Management Group

Senior Divisional Officer
Tel: 2733 7747
  • co-ordination, distribution and efficient use of existing resources within the Department
  • administrative matters on the deployment of personnel to different Commands
  • dissemination and implementation of Department’s policies and orders
  • processing requests for non-emergency use of resources
  • co-ordination on the use of departmental premises and quarters as well as their improvement and maintenance works
  • arrangement on visits of mainland and overseas counterparts
  • overseeing legal matters and access to information










Physical Training Establishment

Divisional Officer
Tel: 2411 8615
  • monitoring physical efficiency of all operational personnel
  • formulating & implementing policies on physical education
  • evaluating physical fitness requirements
  • physical tests & measurements
  • sports & recreational equipment
  • examining dietetics & nutritional needs of Service personnel








Information Unit

Principal Information Officer
Tel: 2733 7720
  • routine news & press relations matters
  • preparing press releases
  • production of publicity materials
  • Departmental newsletter and publications







Procurement and Logistics Group

Senior Divisional Officer
Tel: 2733 7654
  • Planning, organising and implementing the procurement stratrgy and policy
  • developing guideline and instruction on procurement and logistics matters
  • managing procurement of fire services and ambulance equipment, uniform and personal protective equipment
  • monitoring expenditure on stores & equipment
  • monitoring the operation of Fire Services Stores








Workshop & Transport

Senior Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
Tel: 2302 5365
  • efficient running of all Fire Services Workshops
  • design, specification, procurement & maintenance of fire applicances
  • repair of ancillary equipment
  • advice on electrical / mechanical / hydraulic equipment
  • inspection, testing & assessment of major applicances











Welfare Section

Service Welfare Officer
Tel: 2733 7555
  • organising staff welfare schemes, social & recreational activities
  • co-ordinating the work of Welfare Section & Command Welfare Officers
  • formulating departmental welfare policies
  • monitoring expenditure on welfare projects
  • sale of welfare items
























Information Technology Management Unit

Senior Divisional Officer
2733 5830
  • To develop IT plans/strategies and allocate IT resources in accordance with the department’s business needs and overall E-government targets.
  • To deliver and maintain e-business solutions by planning, budgeting, acquiring and managing IT expertise and resources, arranging strategic IT partnerships and managing the performance of contractors.
  • To establish, maintain and uphold the IT security policy and security framework in the Department and determine appropriate checks and balances to ensure the compliance by concerned parties.
  • To maintain surveillance on IT trends and best practices relevant to the business of the Department.
  • To oversee the implementation of all IT projects in the Department.












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