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Contact Information of Directorate Officers

Department / Command
Contact Telephone
Email Address
Fire Services Department
Mr. LI Kin-yat
2733 7711
Deputy Director
Mr. LEUNG Wai-hung
2733 7722
Headquarters Command
Assistant Director
Mr. YEUNG Yan-kin
2733 7733
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Mr. WONG Chun-yip
2733 7734
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
(Quality Assurance and Management)
Mr. NGAI Tak-yung
2733 4000
Hong Kong Command
Assistant Director
(Hong Kong Island,
Islands and Marine)
Mr. KONG Ping-lam
2549 9543
Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Mr. KWAN Kam-wing

2549 9547
Kowloon Command
Assistant Director
Dr. LO Siu-hang
2721 1433
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Mr. YAU Chi-on
2724 4155
New Territories Command
Assistant Director
(New Territories)
Mr. YAU Wai-keung
2697 5191
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Mr. LIU Tai-yiu
2691 4586
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Mr. CHUI Man-leung
2988 8838
Licensing and Certification Command
Assistant Director
(Licensing and Certification)
Mr. LEUNG Kwun-hong
2733 7744
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Mr. CHENG Sui-on
2733 7745
Fire Safety Command Assistant Director
(Fire Safety)
Mr. TSANG Wing-hung
2170 9595
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mr. CHAN Kam-fai
2170 9696
Ambulance Command Assistant Director (Ambulance) Mr. CHAN Shiu-kwan
2272 9191
Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Mr. SHUM Kwok-leung
2272 9192
Administration Division Assistant Director (Administration)
Ms. LI Lai-ping
2733 7777


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