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The Department has an establishment of about 9,500 uniformed personnel and about 720 civilian members. It is divided into three operational Fire Commands, a Fire Safety Command, a Licensing and Certification Command, an Ambulance Command, a Fire Services Headquarters Command and an Administration Division. Commanding this more than 10,000-strong Service is the Director of Fire Services who is assisted by a Deputy Director.

Each of the three operational Fire Commands - Hong Kong (H), Kowloon (K) and the New Territories (NT) - is headed by an Assistant Director of Chief Fire Officer rank. H Command and K Command are each organized into four geographical divisions, each containing four to seven fire stations. NT Command is organized into five geographical divisions.

The Fire Safety Command (FS), commanded by an Assistant Director of Chief Fire Officer rank, comprises six functional divisions/units - Building Improvement Division 1, Building Improvement Division 2, Building Improvement Division 3, Railway Development Strategy Division, New Projects Division, Support Division and Loan Scheme Supporting Team.

The Licensing & Certification Command (LC), led by an Assistant Director of Chief Fire Officer rank, comprising eight functional divisions/units - Policy Division, Dangerous Goods Division, Hong Kong and Kowloon West Regional Office, New Territories and Kowloon East Regional Office, Fire Service Installations Task Force, Fire Service Installations Division, Ventilation Division and Licensing Authority Division.

The Ambulance Command (Amb), supervised by an Assistant Director of Chief Ambulance Officer rank, has two operational regions (Hong Kong & Kowloon Region and the New Territories Region) and the Command Headquarters. Each operational region is split into two to three geographical divisions.

The Fire Services Headquarters Command (HQ), headed by an Assistant Director of Chief Fire Officer rank to provide planning and management support to the Director as well as policy and logistical support to other Commands. It is responsible for the operation of the Fire Services Communications Centre, the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy. It also oversees issues relating to recruitment, training and examination, occupational safety and health, procurement and logistics support, information technology management, workshop and transport, welfare, as well as information and publicity matters.

The Administration Division is headed by the Assistant Director (Administration) and staffed by civilian grade members. Its responsibilities are mainly human resources management, recruitment and promotion, general departmental administration, financial management, internal audit, outsourcing, staff relations and translation services.

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