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Performance Pledge


  • To serve Hong Kong by making it a safe place to live and work


  • To protect life and property from fire or other calamity
  • To give advice on fire protection measures and fire hazards
  • To educate the community and to promote the public awareness on fire safety
  • To render paramedic ambulance services to the sick and the injured and convey them to hospital


  • Upholding high standards of integrity
  • Striving for professionalism and continuous improvement
  • Dedication and commitment to providing quality service
  • Readiness in meeting challenge and accepting accountability
  • Maintaining high spirit and esprit de corps among staff members

Always in readiness to serve the community of Hong Kong, we pledge to achieve our mission quickly and efficiently. Our aims are to respond to

building fire calls within 6 minutes in built-up areas and within 9 to 23 minutes in areas of dispersed risks and isolated developments. Our target is to achieve these times in 92.5% of all calls in 2013. In 2012, the overall performance in responding to building fire calls was 1.1% above the target of 92.5%.
Fire Call

Emergency ambulance calls

emergency ambulance calls within 12 minutes from the time of call to the arrival of an ambulance at the street address. In 2013, our target is to meet this response time in 92.5% of all emergency calls. In 2012, the overall performance in responding to emergency ambulance calls was 0.7% above the target of 92.5%.

Ambulance calls

  We aim to improve our performance in 2013 by enhancing the new mobilizing system, commissioning new fire stations / ambulance depots at various locations and strategically deploying our emergency resources.

Public Liaison Group

A Public Liaison Group, which is now into its twentieth term, is served by 30 members of the public. It meets regularly to give feedback on the performance of fire and emergency ambulance services and suggestions on how we can serve the community better.


Public Liaison Group

responsd to requests

We aim to respond to requests for issuance of incident reports on any fire or calamity attended by the Department or on any damage caused by fire to any premises, vessel or other property within 21 working days.

respond to complaints

We aim to respond to complaints of fire hazards posing imminent danger to public safety or dangerous goods (except liquefied petroleum gas) by conducting investigation within 24 hours and the complainant will be advised of the outcome within 12 working days. Fire hazards not posing imminent danger will be investigated within 10 working days and the complainant will be advised of the outcome within 27 working days. note

note the pledged response applies to complaints of fire hazards readily actionable by the department under the Fire Services Ordinance or the Dangerous Goods Ordinance.

Fire protection inspection

Main targets
In 2013, we aim to achieve the following main targets :

Continue to enhance live-fire and rescue training for frontline fire personnel..

Commission a new fire station with ambulance facilities at Kai Tak.
Monitor the construction of the new Fire Services Training School.
Procure a fireboat to replace fireboat No.7 to enhance fire fighting and rescue capabilities in coastal waters.
Monitor the development and implementation of the Asset Management and Maintenance System to facilitate the planning, acquisition, inventory control, maintenance and disposal of assets.
Continue to enhance fire protection measures for prescribed commercial premises with floor area exceeding 230 m2, specified commercial buildings, composite buildings and domestic buildings.
Continue to fine-tune the proposals for amending the subsidiary legislation under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap.295) to enhance the control of dangerous goods.
Continue to review the legislative provisions regarding the registration scheme for FSI contractors.
Continue to explore the feasibility of introducing third party certification on fire safety for buildings and licensed premises.
Continue to step up inspection of pre-1973 composite/domestic buildings for enhancement of fire safety.
Continue to implement the Rapid Response Vehicle Scheme to enhance the delivery of paramedic ambulance service.
Continue to provide community education programme on the provision of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training for the general public.
Continue to strengthen publicity activities to educate the public on the proper use of emergency ambulance services through the commissioning of an Ambulance Service Publicity Vehicle.
Plan for the acquisition of a computer system for the provision of post-dispatch advice to callers requesting for emergency ambulance service.
Continue to explore the long-term arrangement for provision of emergency ambulance services.
Monitor the implementation of a computer aided Ambulance Management Information System to enhance the management of the ambulance fleet.
Monitor the construction of a new ambulance depot at Choi Shun Street, Sheung Shui.

For any enquiry regarding these services or complaint about fire hazards,


please call our 24-hour hotlines on 2723 8787

Postal Address

or write to :

Fire Services Department
1 Hong Chong Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon


or fax to : 2311 0066


or email to :


or visit our homepage :

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Fire Services Department's photos Fire Services Department's photos
Fire Services Department's photos Fire Services Department's photos
Fire Services Department's photos Fire Services Department's photos
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