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Fire Services Department Public Liaison Group

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department is committed to providing Hong Kong citizens with an efficient and effective firefighting, rescue and ambulance service.
In order to improve fire and ambulance emergency services and to better respond to the needs of the community, the Fire Services Department Public Liaison Group (FSDPLG) has been set up to promote better understanding between the Department and members of the public.
The FSDPLG shall not be concerned with policy issues.
Functions of the FSDPLG
to exchange views on the Department’s fire and emergency ambulance services; and
to monitor performance achieved against fire and ambulance emergency services targets; and
to make suggestions and comments for improving the quality of the services.


The FSDPLG will be a non-statutory body and will serve as a channel of communication between the Department and members of the public.
4. Composition of the Group
The FSDPLG shall comprise a Chairman, a Secretary and 30 members of the public. The Chairman and the Secretary are appointed by the Director of Fire Services. Assistant Director (Headquarters) is the Chairman of the FSDPLG.
Thirty members aged 18 or above shall be selected from members of the public, comprising ten residents from each of the geographical areas of Hong Kong Island (including outlying islands), Kowloon and the New Territories.
Membership of the FSDPLG will not be open to members of the Executive Council, Legislative Council, District Councils, statutory bodies, employees of the Fire Services Department and their dependents.
Members of the FSDPLG shall represent the overall interests of the general public and not the interests of their own organizations.
5. Term of Service
Each member will be appointed to serve for a period of one year starting from April. If a member resigns before his/her term expires, the Director of Fire Services may appoint a replacement from the reserve list who will complete the term vacated by the resigned member.
Subject to satisfactory attendance of a member, his/her term of service may be extended for another year by the Director of Fire Services, but not exceeding two consecutive years.
6. Selection of Members
The Group will comprise both members of the existing tenure as well as new appointees. The number of seats offered to serving members shall not exceed fifteen, viz. not more than five for each geographical area.
Serving members may only apply to join the next tenure of office at the end of their first year of service upon invitation by the Director of Fire Services.
The remaining seats are to be filled by new applicants. In the event that the number of applications exceeds that of vacant seats, membership will be decided by a random draw.
7. Meetings
At least three meetings shall be held for a year. Meetings may be held in a weekday evening usually at the Fire Services Headquarters Building, 1 Hong Chong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon.
Matters discussed and follow-up actions taken will be recorded and distributed to members.
The Chairman may invite any members of the Government Departments or private bodies to attend the meetings on a need basis.
8. Remuneration
The service is entirely voluntary. No remuneration of any form will be made to members for their service and attendance at the meetings.

Application Procedures


The Fire Services Department publishes notices on the recruitment of new Public Liaison Group members in major newspapers at the beginning of each year. Interested parties may obtain application forms from various fire stations, ambulance depots and district offices or download it ( application forms | application forms ) from our homepage at Duly completed forms should be returned to the Fire Services Department Headquarters by mail or fax. Members of the public may also call our enquiry hotline at 2733 7862(during office hours from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm) for further information about the Public Liaison Group.

Notes of the Fire Services Department Public Liaison Group


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