Hong Kong Fire Services Department Review 2016
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Hong Kong Fire Services Department Review 2016

Hong Kong Fire Services Review 2015



Director's Review



  • Performance Pledge
  • Firefighting
  • Special Services
  • Ambulance Service
    • e-Ambulance Journey Record
    • Special Support Unit
  • Mobilising and Specialised Operation Units/Teams
    • Mobilising and Communications
    • Airport Fire Contingent
    • Fireboats
    • Diving Services
    • High Angle Rescue Team
    • HazMat Team
    • Urban Search and Rescue Team
    • Mountain Search and Rescue Team
    • Fire Investigation Dog Unit
    • First Responder
Fire Protection
  • Licensing and Certification
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Safety Promotion
  • Fire Safety Inspections
  • Fire Safety of Old-style Buildings
  • Old-style Domestic and Composite Buildings Inspections
  • Mini-storage Facilities Inspections
  • Industrial Buildings Inspections
Human Resources Management
  • Establishment
  • Finance
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Development
    • Fire and Ambulance Services Academy
    • West Kowloon Rescue Training Centre
    • Ma On Shan Paramedic Training Centre
    • Training on Management and Development
    • Physical Training
  • Specialist Teams and Interest Groups
    • Peer Support Team
    • Fire Investigation Group
    • Fire Engineering Interest Group
    • Integrity Management Committee
    • Other Specialist Teams and Interest Groups
  • Welfare
  • Staff Relations
  • Sports and Recreation
Administration & Logistical Support
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Workshops and Transport
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Appliances
  • Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Rest Area
To Move with Times
  • New Fire Stations and Ambulance Depots
  • Departmental Quarters
  • Information Systems Strategy Study
  • Technical Study for Enhancement / Replacement of the Third Generation Mobilising System
  • Post-dispatch Advice

Links with the Mainland and Overseas

  • Links with the Mainland
  • Links with Overseas Counterparts

Public Education on Fire Safety and Ambulance Service

  • Building Fire Safety Envoy Scheme
  • Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme
  • Fire Services Department Mobile Applications
  • Fire Safety Education Bus
  • Fire Safety Education in Kindergartens
  • The Kindergarten Fire Safety Singing Contest
  • Hot Strike Campaign
  • Ambulance Service Roving Exhibition
  • Community Outreaching Programme by Ambulance Service Education Vehicle
  • School Outreaching Programme – Proper Use of Ambulance Service Public Education Programme
  • Promotion of Ambulance Related Messages
  • Heart Saver Scheme

Integration into the Community

  • FSD Public Liaison Group
  • FSD Volunteer Team
  • Organisation Chart
  • Fire Stations and Ambulance Depots
  • Honours and Awards
  • Fire Appliances and Ambulances / Fire Vessels
  • Fire Statistics
  • Special Services Statistics
  • Ambulance Calls
  • Fire Protection Statistics

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