Application for Visit to Fire Station / Ambulance Depot
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Visit to FSD Premises

When using this application, the user must already have had an e-mail client software, e.g. OutLook Express, etc. installed in his computer.
Fire Station
Ambulance Depot  

Notes for Application:

  1. Application shall include the following information: -

    Date of visit
    Time of visit
    Nature of visit
    Number of visitors
    Name of Applicant / Organization
    Name of Contact Person
    Contact Telephone Number
    Fax Number
    E-mail Address
    Correspondence Address

  2. On receipt of the application, the station commander will arrange the visit and reply to the applicant within 14 days upon the receipt of the application.

  3. Only a maximum of 40 visitors with age over 6 will be entertained at any one time of visit.

  4. The visit may be cancelled due to exigencies of the Service.

  5. This Department will not be responsible for any accident / injury to any visitors during their visit.

  6. Notes about collection of personal information.


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