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photo of Director of Fire Services
LI Kin-yat
Director of Fire Services
Welcome Message from the Director of Fire Services

Welcome to the homepage of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

The mission of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department is to protect life and property of Hong Kong citizens from fire and other calamities.

To better fulfill our mission to save those in distress and protect the community, we strive for continuous advancement of our firefighting, rescue, ambulance and fire protection services. Time is of the essence in life-saving operations. We are therefore committed to providing highly efficient and professional rescue and emergency services to save lives. On fire prevention, we abate fire hazards by carrying out fire safety inspections, taking necessary law enforcement actions and advising on fire prevention measures. We attach great importance to promoting fire safety and seek to raise public awareness of fire safety by launching a multitude of fire prevention publicity and education activities. Regarding the emergency ambulance services, apart from rendering proper pre-hospital care to patients, we also provide callers with post-dispatch advice about certain kinds of injuries and sicknesses. This service has been well-received by the public. In addition, we have been actively organising education activities in the local communities and schools to disseminate first aid knowledge, as well as to promote public understanding of our emergency ambulance services and the importance of the proper use of ambulance resources.

It is encouraging that our services have been recognized and supported by the general public. We will continue to do our best to render quality services to the people of Hong Kong and make this city a safe place to live and work in.

This homepage sets out our vision, mission, organisation and performance pledges, and outlines our services so that the public may obtain relevant information and gain a better understanding of our work. Your comments and suggestions on our services are most welcome.

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