Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities at the Airport

Air Fire Stations

The Hong Kong International Airport is a Category 10 airport covering an area of about 1255 hectares.  The airport has two 3800m runways running parallel to each other, namely South Runway and North Runway.

The Contingent occupies two fire stations, namely Main Airport Fire Station and Sub Airport Fire Station, at the strategic locations of the airfield in order to achieve the response time of two minutes, not exceeding three minutes to reach the ends of each runway and other aircraft movement areas on receipt of an emergency call relating to an aircraft accident.

The Main Airport Fire Station is located near the midfield of South Runway and the Sub Airport Fire Station is situated near the midfield of North Runway.  Each fire station is equipped with an identical fleet of rescue and fire fighting vehicles, which includes 2 Rapid Intervention Vehicles, 2 Crash Fire Tenders (Major Foam Tender), 2 Hose Foam Carriers, 1 Jackless Snorkel and 1 Ambulance.

In case of an aircraft accident at the airport, all rescue and fire fighting vehicles will respond from both fire stations in the first instance.  In addition, support fire appliances and ambulances will also be turned out from landside fire stations and ambulance depots.


Sea Rescue Berths

As the airport is surrounded by the sea, the Airport Fire Contingent also provides sea rescue and fire fighting services for aircraft accidents in the sea surrounding the airport.  Two high-speed catamaran vessels, namely Command Boat One and Command Boat Two, and 6 high-powered speed boats are deployed at two Sea Rescue Berths, namely East Sea Rescue Berths (ESRB) and West Sea Rescue Berth (WSRB), which are strategically located at the eastern and the western ends of the airport respectively.  Two Command Boats are permanently manned and form the core of sea rescue operations.

In case of an aircraft accident in the sea, both Command Boats will immediately be turned out from the Sea Rescue Berths, and the rescue and fire fighting vehicles from two airside fire stations will proceed to the Sea Rescue Berths respectively.  The personnel of the vehicles will then operate the speed boats and proceed to the scene for carrying out rescue and fire fighting operations.



 photo of Sea Rescue Berth
Sea Rescue Berth



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