Operational Staff Car

All operational Divisional Officers and above in the Fire Services Department are required to work on a round-the-clock duty system. They are 'on-call' 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Unless on authorized leave or 'off-call' , they are required to respond immediately to major fire or special service incidents occurring within their responsible areas to take up the incident command role. Therefore, Operational Staff Cars fitted with radio communication equipment, siren, flash light and riot screen are allocated to them for operational use.

In order to assist these officers in meeting the operational requirements of immediate response and minimizing the impact of such duty on their family lives, they are allowed to use the cars for private purposes including carrying passengers such as family members or friends after office hours. Indeed, a thorough study conducted by the Department reveals that the present arrangement is the most cost effective solution and is acceptable to both the staff and the management.

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Operational staff car

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