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Service of Computerized Fire Alarm Transmission to the Fire Services Communications Centre (FSCC), Fire Services Department


The Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) is implementing an advanced telecommunication and computer integrated mobilizing system, namely the Third Generation Mobilizing System (TGMS). The new system will replace the existing Second Generation Mobilizing System (SGMS) shortly.

The TGMS will employ an open platform design. It comprises a Computerized Mobilizing System (CMS) and among others, a Computerized Fire Alarm Transmission System Interface System(CFATSIS). The CFATSIS is employed to handle signals from the Computerized Fire Alarm Transmission System (CFATS). The service of CFATS will be provided by multiple CFATS service provider(s) in the market. Being a potential CFATS service provider, he should possess a valid PNETS licensee issued by the Office of Telecommunication Authority under the Telecommunications Ordinance, Chapter 106, Laws of Hong Kong. The future CFATS service provider should enter into a contract with the FSD. The contract terms and conditions, system specifications and application procedures to be an CFATS service provider etc. will be announced in a later stage.

It is preliminary decided that the CFATSIS will comprise of remote access server and database server connecting with the computer systems of CFATS service provider through leased circuits. The physical interface will be Ethernet compliant with IEEE802.3. In order to be open in the design of the new protocol, the communication protocol would be TCP/IP v4 with RFC 793. The alarm message would be sent using XML version 1.0 as the data container. A first stage trade consultation on the CFATS interface specification containing mainly the design of the communication protocol has been made in 2002.

The CFATSIS specification and communication protocol and operational requirements relating to the interface between the CFATS service offered by the CFATS service provider and the CFATSIS of the TGMS of the FSD are being under extensive preparation and fine tuning which will be issued to concerned parties for further consultation. Upon the changeover from SGMS to TGMS, application from the public will be accepted. Announcement will be made in due course.