Loans for Fire Safety Improvement Works

To provide assistance for owners in improving fire/structural safety of their premises or buildings, the Building Safety Loan Scheme (the Scheme) administered by the Director of Buildings will provide a co-ordinated one-stop loan service.

The Director of Fire Services is the authority for vetting loan applications for fire safety improvement works as referred from the Director of Buildings. Items of fire safety works that may be financed by the Building Safety Loan Scheme include -

(a) improvement works to install/upgrade/repair/replace fire service installations and equipment of the premises or buildings;

(b) works pertaining to improvement of fire safety standards of the building;

(c) incidental or consequential works related to (a) and (b); and

(d) professional services in association with (a) and (b).

Information on the Scheme is contained in the pamphlet --- "An Introduction to the Building Safety Loan Scheme". Application form with Guidance Notes of the Scheme and the pamphlet can be obtained free of charge from the offices of the Licensing and Certification Command Headquarters, the Fire Safety Command Headquarters, Fire Protection Regional Offices, and all Fire Stations of the Fire Services Department. They are also available at all District Offices and Building Management Resources Centres of the Home Affairs Department, Buildings Department, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, the Geotechnical Engineering Office of Civil Engineering Department and Water Supplies Department.

(The hotline of Building Safety Loan Scheme of Buildings Department is 2626 1579)

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