Fire Safety Guidelines
What to do in case of fire in a hotel when visiting overseas

1.     Before leaving Hong Kong

Ø             When preparing your itinerary, you should choose the hotel with the provision of Fire Service Installations.  The installations include automatic sprinkler system, automatic/manual fire alarm system, fire hydrant/hose reel, emergency lighting, etc

Ø             When packing your luggage, don’t forget to bring along a torch with you

2.     When you arrive at the hotel

Ø             To obtain general guidelines on fire safety from the hotel

Ø             To familiarize yourself with the direction and routing of the means of escape in your hotel and always be prepared for quick evacuation

Ø             To know the methods in contacting the hotel staff and remember the emergency telephone number

3.     When you are in your hotel room

Ø             To study and familiarize with the evacuation plan/sketch, if provided in your room

Ø             Don’t smoke on bed

Ø             Don’t cook in the room other than in the designated cooking place

Ø             Don’t use electrical appliances of different voltage and improper adapters

Ø             Don’t place clothing and combustibles near electrical appliances, heaters, electrical sockets/plugs

Ø             Stay alert with unusual circumstances, i.e. unusual noises, burning smell, flickering lighting etc. 

4.     When there is a fire in your room

Ø             Keep calm

Ø             Tell everyone in your room to leave

Ø             Don’t take any luggage

Ø             Close the door after you have left

Ø             Activate the fire alarm on your floor and yell “FIRE”

Ø             If possible, tell nearby residents to leave

Ø             Don’t use the lift

Ø             Leave the hotel using the nearest stairway

Ø             Meet the hotel staff/firefighters at a safe place or designated assemble point.  If you have useful information on the incident, tell them the situation

5.     When you hear the fire alarm or there is a fire in the hotel

To go or to stay……the decision depends on the situation.  Most of the time, the best thing to do in a fire is to leave the hotel as soon as possible.  But in some cases you may not be able to leave.  If you have to stay in the hotel, you should tell other people where you are.  In either case you must act quickly.  No matter what your decision is, you must protect yourself from the smoke.

If you decide to leave the hotel room

²       To assess the situation by opening the door carefully.  If the corridor is safe to enter, such as the absence of heavy smoke and the temperature is normal, bring along with your torch and the room key, go out, close the door behind you, and go to the nearest stairway

²       Don’t use the lift

²       Use the stairway to escape.  Normally there are two or more stairways in a hotel.  When you escape, open the nearest stairway smoke door carefully

²       Appraise the situation and check whether it is safe to enter, such as the absence of heavy smoke and normal temperature, then use this staircase for evacuation

²       If there is doubt, do not enter and close the door

²       If there are other stairways in the hotel, try them.  If all the stairways are being affected by heavy smoke and heat, return to your room and protect yourself from smoke. You should tell other people where you are

If you remain in your room

²       Protect yourself from smoke.  Keep low to the floor where the air is cleaner 

²       Keep smoke from entering your unit by using materials like wet towels, wet bed sheet etc. to seal cracks around the door.  Seal vents or airduct in the same way

²       Turn-off the air-conditioning system

²       Tell other people where you are

²       If it is safe and necessary, open the window for fresh air. 

²       Show the rescuers where you are by waving the torch and shouting.  Follow instructions from the rescue authorities

²       After being led to a place of safety, tell the people you have previously informed

6.     During the course of evacuation

Ø             If you find the situation getting worse on your way down the stairs, such as rise in temperature or increase of smoke density, leave that stairway as soon as you can

Ø             Use another stairway if it is clear of smoke

Ø             Report to the designated assemble point or hotel reception lobby

Ø             If you can’t use any of the stairways, return to your room or go into any corridor and bang on other room doors until you find a place to take shelter.  Tell other people where you are

Ø             Remember, wherever you are, if there is smoke, crawl close to the floor

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